Community Rules / Standards

Welcome, We want you to enjoy your stay here as much as possible and to do so, please abide by these guidelines:

No illegal Activity of any kind Permitted. Absolutely NO underage pics or vids, no murder, (not even in the private chats) We will suspend you for this if its discovered.
Don't be a jerk, Don't be a dick!
We will not tolerate any name-calling, personal attacks or harassment of any kind, stalking, bullying, Racism, bigotry, misogyny or any other inappropriate behavior.

Absolutely NO drama!
Do not bring drama to this site. Personal attacks against a mod or member, will not be tolerated.

No trolling If you post or message (chat) a deliberately offensive or provocative comment with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them, you may or may not receive a warning before you are kicked or banned.

No stalking
Period. If you "stalk" members, you will be banned.

No sock puppets
If you try to circumvent a ban by returning with a sock puppet or new account, you will earn an instant ban; no warning needed.

No serial flagging
Flagging is to be done only if the commenter has violated the Community Standards, contains spam or offensive language. Flagging simply because you don't agree with someone is unacceptable.
*All rules are subject to change.

The following are not allowed
1) Targeted harassment and encouraging others to do so
2) Spam
3) Direct threat of harm
4) Inappropriate profile content
5) Do not send nude or offensive pics, before you ask if it's ok
6) No underage content allowed (this includes, pics, vids, stories), not even in private chats, it IS not allowed here.
7) NO selling of services or products, or adverting products or services, UNLESS you have upgraded your account to a FullPro account and contacted site support. We offer this site for free, and do not allow others to make a profit from our time and efforts, without some compensation in return.
8) No leaching, stealing people to another chat. You will be banned for doing so.
9) Only 1 Account is allows per person, we will delete accounts if we discover you have more than 1.
10) Only 1 "seat" in the site-chat list, per person. This means it is NOT acceptable for you to be here in chat, with 2 or more names/seats (member names or guests names) only 1 is allowed. We will kick and ban when we discover you are in the chat with more than 1 name/seat (assigned guest names are still considered names or seats)
11) If you are a member here and do not login, it is expected that you will login to chat. Being dishonest and claiming to be someone else, is actually grounds to have your account removed. We expect you to behave as mature, decent adults.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. We hope you enjoy your stay here! So just be nice to each other.

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